29 June 2023

Three-Day Training Course for Financial Intelligence Units of Myanmar and Laos

The training course "Improving Capacity of the National AML/CFT System" organized by ITMCFM for representatives from the financial intelligence units of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Lao People s Democratic Republic, ended on June 29.

The course curriculum encompassed a comprehensive exploration of the Russian Federation s experience in the following issues:

  • receiving and classifying suspicious transaction reports;
  • establishing collaboration between the FIU, supervisory bodies, and law enforcement agencies;
  • operational and strategic analysis.

During her lecture on AML/CFT operational analytics, Elena Firsova, a representative of the Main Directorate for Drug Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, highlighted:

"Today operational analytics, in conjunction with other forms of operational-search activities, investigative techniques, and procedural measures, constitutes an effective tool for identifying, exposing, and proving crimes committed by information, financial, and digital technologies. Every government agency involved in the state AML/CFT system, as well as private sector entities, has its unique operational analytics algorithms aimed at a collective outcome, i.e., the safeguarding of financial system security. Operating as a method for collecting, assessing, and analyzing information, operational analytics is a basis of information and analytical support for competent authorities. It is upon this foundation that practical efforts to counter money laundering are built and key areas are improved for the future."

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