Еducational Activities

The Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring" (hereinafter ITMCFM), within the framework of its activities, implements the following types of training areas:

  • Professional development training
  • Thematic workshops
  • Targeted AML/CFT briefing

The ITMCFM conference hall is equipped with:

  • video display tools that allow for demonstration of presentations, videos and slide shows;
  • a congress system that allows for improvement of the speaker’s speech and arrangement of the speeches of the participants of the events by organizing the order of speakers;
  • a subsystem of simultaneous translation, which allows for holding events with the involvement of foreign participants;
  • an audio recording subsystem that provides an audio recording of the event.

To implement educational programs using interactive learning, each student’s place can be equipped with a laptop connected to the internal resources of the ITMCFM local computer network and the Internet.

Photo and video recording of events is possible.

The ITMCFM has a library of educational, as well as training and methodological literature on the subject of AML/CFT, and has also developed specialized interactive training courses.

Qualified teachers with deep knowledge, professional competencies and experience in the area of AML/CFT are involved in the implementation of educational programs, which ensures high quality and efficiency of the educational process.