Expert and Methodological Council

The Expert and Methodological Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council, EMC) is a permanent expert and consultative body of the Center. It was created to ensure practical orientation of research and technical projects activities, which are organized by the ITMCFM.

The EMC operates in accordance with the Regulations on Research Activities and its activities are  governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation and local regulations of the Center.

The Council’s decisions are made collectively. They are advisory in nature and formalized by the protocol.

The EMC main tasks are as follows:

  • preparation and discussion of proposals to form priority areas of the ITMCFM research and technical activities, taking into account the general direction of AML/CFT system development and the level of advanced world science, as well as to implement the results of this activity;
  • assessment of practical relevance of AML/CFT research projects at all stages of their development;
  • preparation of expert opinions, recommendations, proposals and consultations during the project implementation and integration;
  • implementation of other activities that contribute to achieving the Council’s goals and objectives.

The Council consists of the ITMCFM General Director, as well as of the Center’s staff appointed by the Council; specialists of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring), representatives of other government agencies, research, educational institutions and other organizations of the Russian Federation (appointed by consultations), which act in the capacity of AML/CFT experts.

Structurally, the Council consists of a Chairman, Council members and an executive secretary. The Council membership is approved at least once in 3 years by order of the ITMCFM General Director.

Expert and working groups can be created in the EMC structure in the main areas of its activity. Their members are approved at the Council meeting.

EMC meetings are held as relevant research materials become available for consideration by the Council of research projects. The EMC meeting date and agenda are determined by the Council Chairman. Council meetings are held both in-person and in remote mode. The decision on the projects under consideration is taken by the majority of votes of the EMC members, which are present at the meeting.

Organizational, methodological and informational support of the Council’s activities is provided by the Center’s Department for Coordination of Scientific and Educational Projects, including preparation of reference notes on the results of research activities submitted for consideration by the EMC. The reference notes are agreed with the ITMCFM Director General.

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