Research activities

The International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring organizes research activities taking into account the requirements of the federal laws of the Russian Federation "On Science and State Scientific and Technical Policy", "On Education in the Russian Federation", decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation, other laws and regulations, the Charter of the ITMCFM, Regulations on the Department of Coordination of Scientific and Educational Programs and Regulations on the research activities of the ITMCFM.

The ITMCFM organizes research activities on the basis of an annual plan formed taking into account the proposals of the members of the Expert and Methodological Council (EMS) of the ITMCFM, financial intelligence units of the CIS and EAG member states, as well as the results of monitoring of trends and identifying promising areas of research projects, analytical research projects and development of training and methodological and scientific and methodological materials in the field of AML/CFT.

The results of research activities are used:

  • in the practical activities of financial intelligence units of the EAG and CIS member states;
  • in the practical activities of law enforcement and supervisory authorities;
  • in the practical activities of organizations that carry out transactions with funds or other assets;
  • when developing training and educational programs;
  • when implementing training events (training courses, workshops, round tables, conferences, etc.);
  • when preparing materials for reports, speeches at research, scientific and practical conferences;
  • in other forms that have received practical application.