The Distance Learning System (DLS)

The ITMCFM has built up an extensive database of AML/CFT training materials over the years, developed and presented by leading international and Russian AML/CFT experts.

In 2020, the ITMCFM utilized this database to develop its own distance learning system (DLS) platform, structuring these materials into learning courses. The platform’s architecture allows for the creation of personalized learning tracks for each user based on their professional interests. The platform offers lecture transcripts, presentations, cases, assignments, test questions, and information resources on topics of the training courses.

These targeted courses are accessible 24 hours a day from any device with internet access, making it possible to provide beginner training as well as continuous learning for experienced AML/CFT professionals for core and expanded sets of skills.

To cater to a wider audience from various countries and regions, the ITMCFM is expanding the range of courses available on the platform while also increasing the content of the existing courses, and adding support for more foreign languages.


Video courses available for study:

Capacity Building of the National AML/CFT System – basic level
 in three languages: English, Arabic, and  Farsi

(course duration – 6-7 hours)


The course includes:

- Compliance with AML/CFT legislation

- Conducting financial investigations

- Interagency co-operation

- Countering illicit capital expatriation

- Countering criminal circulation of cryptocurrencies

- Cross-border detection, seizure and confiscation of assets

- Countering laundering of proceeds from drug trafficking


Enhancing the capacity of the national AML/CFT system - advanced level in English

(course duration – 7 hours)

The course includes:

  • Suspicious transaction reports (STRs)
  • Improving STRs quality
  • Strengthening connections between FIUs, supervisors and law enforcement agencies
  • Conducting strategic analysis
  • Conducting operational analysis



The ITMCFM s distance learning platform provides electronic courses in educational and methodology materials (EMM) across various thematic blocks, available in both English and Russian languages:

  • ML/TF risk assessment
  • Financial analysis
  • Strategic analysis
  • Supervision of financial institutions
  • Suspicious transactions criteria and typological studies


One thematic block takes up to 2 hours.   


To get access to the training materials on the DLS platform, please follow these steps:

  1. You should send the list of applicants willing to receive training to the national FIU;
  2. The national FIU should send the list of candidates willing to receive training to the ITMCFM;
  3. Candidates should receive an email notification confirming their registration on the DLS platform.


Watch a video review of the ITMCFM distance learning system


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