26 October 2023

Graphus Training System: Performance Evaluation by Teachers

ITMCFM hosted a master class of the Graphus training system utilization in educational process for teachers from the International Network AML/CFT Institute’s member universities. University academics from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, as well as officials of the State Financial Intelligence Service of the Kyrgys Republic, attended the event.

The training concluded with hands-on experience. Session attendees actively contributed to the workshop by training high school and university students – visitors to the Education and Career in AML/CFT exhibition.

ITMCFM invited teachers to share their insights regarding the applicability and effectiveness of the Graphus system in AML/CFT training programs.

“The Graphus training system offers a basic hands-on experience of the way financial intelligence officers perform financial investigations. I am confident that this training not only serves individuals aspiring to partake in the AML/CFT but also stands to benefit professionals in other domains. Knowledge like that holds immense value for legal practitioners since even corporate attorneys have to grapple with financial and foundation-related connections.”

“It’s an interesting system in terms of the interface and the approach taken to conduct financial investigations. Both students and practitioners will be interested in using the system for training because of its good visual design. .”

“This system can assist students in improving their analytical abilities and problem-building logic. Graphus lets you track the chain of events to solve financial crimes.”

A field practitioner and a current officer of the State Financial Intelligence Service under the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic also shared his impressions:

“As someone deeply involved in financial investigations, I acknowledge the importance of visualizing investigative processes to see and comprehend their features. It is imperative to grasp and document connections when interacting with law enforcement agencies and doing our job in general.”

“Graphus lets the lecturer properly explain to the students the inner workings of the financial investigation system, while offering them a touch-and-feel and hands-on experience of the process.”

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