11 October 2023

Graphus Training System for the III International Financial Security Olympiad Finalists from Far-Abroad Countries

At the finals of the III International Financial Security Olympiad, international participants received the opportunity to test their skills as financial intelligence officers and identify money-laundering indicators. When analyzing financial schemes, students from Algeria, China, Cuba, Iran, Namibia, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam got acquainted with the Graphus training system and its capabilities for the first time.

ITMCFM experts explained to the Olympiad finalists how to use the Graphus training system. Following this, the students solved cases in financial security.

Students shared their impressions about the Graphus training system:

“During these classes we’ve gained valuable insights into the vulnerabilities of the financial system. Graphus enables us to visualize the money laundering process in a simple, accessible, and comprehensible manner.

Teamwork provides an opportunity to enhance the knowledge we’ve acquired. Thanks to collaborative efforts, we successfully tackled all the tasks and identified the culprits. Everyone actively participated in discussions, and the experts clarified intricate points.”



“Studying through Graphus training system aims to cultivate a range of skills essential for effective financial crime investigations. These skills encompass the ability to review and interpret financial statements, identify irregularities or discrepancies, and trace financial transactions. Financial investigation training software like Graphus facilitates advanced professional development for students and young professionals.”



“This system goes beyond conventional boundaries of illustration and reality, enabling us to refine our investigative skills in an interactive environment.”

“The Graphus system proves to be an invaluable tool for solving tasks, aiding us in our investigative work.”


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