10 May 2023

International Youth Legal Forum

Representatives of Rosfinmonitoring and ITMCFM took part in the International Youth Legal Forum (IYLF), held on May 10, as part of the XI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.  

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg State University are the organizers of the IYLF.

The event brought together over 400 young lawyers, students and teachers of specialized universities, experts, representatives of public authorities and businesses of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

During the plenary session and panel discussions, the speakers told the participants:

  • about competencies young professionals need,
  • about experiences in corporate governance, medicine, biotechnology, sports, fashion,  
  • about legal regulation of virtual universes and computer games relations;
  • about innovative practices and trends in higher legal education
  • and much more.


Students were also interested in the INI s undergraduate and postgraduate programs specifics, the work of Rosfinmonitoring, and the opportunities and benefits of winning the International Financial Security Olympiad.

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