2 November 2023

Meeting of Experience-Sharing Contact Group on Implementation of IT Projects in EAG Member States

With the organizational support of ITMCFM, the Experience-Sharing Contact Group on the Implementation of IT Projects in EAG Member States convened once again.

The participants included officials from the EAG Secretariat, representatives from ITMCFM, and the financial intelligence units of Eurasian states.

EAG Executive Secretary Mr. Sergey Teterukov opened the meeting and commended the group’s initiative. He underscored the significance of ongoing experience sharing in automating data processing and consolidation to meet financial intelligence requirements.

Officials from the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and the Financial Monitoring Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced the analytical software developed and used in their respective agencies. The participants discussed the software solutions, the issues they address, and the challenges associated with their development, implementation, maintenance, and user training.

The 39th EAG Plenary Meeting scheduled for December this year will deliberate on the members of the Contact Group and its future organization for the exchange of experience in implementing IT solutions among the financial intelligence units of EAG member states.

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