28 July 2023

Issues of Raising Financial Security Awareness Discussed at Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum

Speaking at the panel discussion dedicated to international cooperation in the field of financial security, Mr. Oleg Ivanov, First Deputy Director General of ITMCFM, emphasized the importance of raising financial security awareness:

“ITMCFM, in collaboration with its partners, establishes a comprehensive training and methodology framework, conducts training for lecturers to implement financial security programs across various educational levels, encompassing schools, universities, and professional development programs. Presently, our Centre provides training to financial intelligence officers and relevant authorities from key regions across the globe, including Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and Africa. Notably, we have recently conducted training sessions for specialists from Angola, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Mozambique. For the younger generation, we organize the annual International Financial Security Olympiad. This year, teams from 19 countries are participating, including students from Algeria, Namibia, and South Africa representing the African continent. Only through our collaborative efforts to enhance knowledge in the field of financial security can we ensure the effectiveness of the global financial system. ITMCFM would like to invite you to join us at the International Financial Security Olympiad and the Sirius 2023 International Financial Security Forum scheduled to take place in early October in Sochi, Russia.”

Image: RIA Novosti

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