25 August 2023

Phygital Football Tournament at the III International Financial Security Olympiad

As part of the sports agenda, the III International Financial Security Olympiad will host a phygital football tournament.

“Phygital” means a combination of “physical” and “digital,” representing a fusion of traditional sports, cybersports, and technology.

The Phygital Football tournament will comprise two rounds:

  • In the first stage, teams will compete in a football simulator following the rules of interactive football. Two participants from each team will play during each half.
  • In the second stage, the teams will move to a real mini football field. The goals achieved in both stages will be summed up to determine the winner. The winner will be decided based on the total number of goals scored across both stages.

The event is held in support of the upcoming Games of the Future 2024 tournament in Kazan.

For further details about the tournament and participation guidelines, please visit the official website of the International Financial Security Olympiad.

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