5 October 2023

Sodruzhestvo: Presentation of Platform for the III International Financial Security Olympiad Finalists

As part of the 2023 Olympiad, Sodruzhestvo international social & educational digital platform was presented to the finalists and the expert community. This software, collaboratively developed in 2022 by Promsvyazbank, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, ITMCFM, Lebedev Physical Institute, and the People’s Friendship University of Russia, represents a shift from traditional online educational resources.

Sodruzhestvo not only offers courses but also provides access to an extensive knowledge base of international experts. Moreover, it keeps users updated on the most relevant news and will soon enable group chats, peer communication, and file sharing.

For the finalists of the III International Financial Security Olympiad, Sodruzhestvo has proven to be an invaluable tool for tracking their event schedules during the finals.

Heroes of the Finalist Diaries media project, which includes students from Russia and EAG countries, have shared their experiences of using the Sodruzhestvo platform.


Nurbek Bekkulov, student of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

“The Sodruzhestvo platform is a crucial tool for the International Financial Security Olympiad. It contributes to higher interest and motivation for participants. Sodruzhestvo offers Olympiad participants numerous opportunities, from recognition and visibility to increased motivation, access to relevant resources, and valuable connections.”


Ruhangez Anvari, student of the Tajik National University

“Before discussing the platform itself, let me mention the chatbot, as I encountered a minor issue. I recently purchased a new phone and changed my email address. To log in to the platform, I needed to reset my password, and the chatbot assisted me. Everything was resolved within a couple of hours! Now, regarding the platform, it is remarkably user-friendly. Users can access their event schedules at any time without the need to search for a planner. Additionally, users can enroll in courses and access the required resources. The platform’s pleasing design and appealing color scheme leave a great impression!”


Olga Shishkina, student of the North Caucasus Federal University

“I must emphasize the platform’s original design and its quick response to technical issues via the chatbot. Thank you for your efficiency! An event schedule is also available, allowing everyone to select and sign up for activities, providing opportunities to explore new subjects. I look forward to witnessing further development of the platform! I would appreciate the inclusion of:


  • Courses that can be studied gradually throughout the year to prepare thoroughly for the Olympiad;
  • Event comments where participants can share their emotions, making them accessible to future participants in subsequent years.”


Irina Zhuravleva, student of the Ural State University of Railway Transport

“First of all, I’d like to highlight that the log-in process on the Sodruzhestvo platform is remarkably straightforward. Additionally, the mobility and simplicity of the application are clear advantages. The Sodruzhestvo newsletter emails serve as helpful reminders to sign up for events. I was impressed by the user-friendly interface, the pleasing muted color scheme, intuitive navigation, and a stable connection, even during peak usage hours."

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