9 January 2023

Videos on Combating Terrorist Financing Through Abuse of NPOs Have Been Developed

As part of the efforts aimed at improvement of mechanisms for combating the financing of terrorism through abuse of non-profit organizations (NPOs)  with due consideration of the FATF Recommendations, Rosfinmonitoring has developed, jointly with the International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring, the videos intended for raising awareness of NPOs employees about necessary measures for countering terrorist financing through abuse of NPOs.  

These videos contain information on:

  • How NPOs could be misused for illegal purposes;
  • How to understand that NPOs are abused for terrorist financing purposes;
  • What to do if NPOs are found to be abused for illegal purposes;
  • How to prevent NPOs misuse for illegal purposes.

The full version of the videos is accessible via the link in the ITMCFM account on RuTube.

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