22 November 2023

Practical Training Using Graphus Software at CH FIUs/CIS ATC/ITMCFM Joint Workshop

ITMCFM experts organized a practical training session in the form of business games using the Graphus training system for attendees of the Current Trends in the Global AML/CFT System workshop in Minsk, Belarus.

Graphus enables the resolution of cases on any topic designed for training purposes by visualizing data in graphs. It also allows the review of case results based on various criteria.

During the training session, the Centre’s specialists showcased the Graphus capabilities to the attendees. Subsequently, the participants conducted independent financial investigations following two scenarios:

  • Combating the terrorist financing abuse of non-profit organisations;
  • Preventing the flow of money for the purpose of financing international terrorist organizations.

The Graphus training system serves as a visual and practical educational product. It is extensively integrated into INI member universities’ curricula and stands as the primary practical tool at workshops for school and university students during the International Financial Security Olympiad and other related activities.

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