15 March 2022

The Cooperation Agreement was signed between Rosfinmonitoring, the Government of Moscow and the ITMCFM

The Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Rosfinmonitoring, in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, are working together to organize the International Lesson and the International Financial Security Olympiad, prepare training and methodological materials on financial security for pupils and students, involve students from different countries in the information and educational process on an ongoing basis in this area.

Higher education institutions – participants of the International Network AML/CFT Institute – act as partners in this work, whose activities are coordinated by the International Training and Methodology Center for Financial Monitoring.

The Cooperation Agreement with the Department of Education and Science of Moscow, signed on March 14, 2022, creates the basis for implementation of a pilot project aimed at targeted training of pupils in the field of financial security, the development and testing of teaching materials together with the participants of the INI, the introduction of electronic services in the field of financial security in the educational process.

The elective course "Financial Security" will be included in the list of training courses within the framework of the project "Entrepreneurial Class at the Moscow School". For its implementation in the educational process, a relevant training and methodological base will be developed: the course program, training manual, lesson scenarios, video tutorials.

In order to prepare for the International Financial Security Olympiad, the All-Russian Thematic Financial Security Lesson will be organized in general education institutions of Moscow, including with the use of the MES resources. Students of educational institutions subordinate to the Department of Education and Science of Moscow will take part in the qualifying stage of the International Financial Security Olympiad.

On the basis of the State Budgetary Educational Institution "Digital School", a set of measures is planned in order to introduce into the educational process a training system for conducting "Graphus" financial investigations.

The "Financial Security" project will allow the development and implementation of unified standards for teaching financial security in schools, creation of conditions for identifying students motivated to in-depth study of financial security and employment in this area, building of continuity of "school-university" in the training of professional personnel.

The agreement was signed by Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring V. Glotov, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow A. Molotkov and General Director of the ITMCFM M. Andronova.

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