22 November 2023

IX International Research-to-Practice Conference of International Network AML/CFT Institute Opens

Mr. Vladimir Ovchinnikov, First Deputy Director General of ITMCFM, INI Director, addressed the attendees during the opening ceremony of the IX International Research-to-Practice Conference, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the International Network AML/CFT Institute.

Mr. Ovchinnikov expressed gratitude to the INI member universities, acknowledging their longstanding commitment to the Institute’s success and their ongoing significant contributions. He recounted the decision made a decade ago, supported by the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, to establish a unified framework for training personnel for the international anti-money laundering system.

Additionally, the Director of INI highlighted the imperative for member universities to participate in a pivotal project—the Sodruzhestvo digital platform, a technological foundation supporting the International Financial Security Olympiad movement:

“Sodruzhestvo stands as a distinctive social network for young professionals, experts, faculty and academia. It already plays a significant role in the development of both the unified AML/CFT educational space and the International Financial Security Olympiad movement.

The platform’s most crucial element is high quality content. We require educational content that not only imparts profound knowledge on financial security but also contributes to shaping the identity of an individual—a citizen capable of protecting the financial system of his or her country.”

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