28 June 2023

Together Against Corruption International Youth Competition

The Together Against Corruption! international youth competition invites individuals aged 14 to 35 to participate by creating posters or making videos dedicated to the Together Against Corruption! topic. This entails expressing their ideas and perspectives on combating corruption, while highlighting the role and significance of international collaboration in this area.

Submissions are accepted in two categories: Best Poster and Best Video, until October 1, 2023 through the official competition website.

The competition is held in two stages: the semi-final and the final. The semi-final stage takes place within participating states from May 1 to October 20.

Semi-final winners advance to the final round, scheduled from October 20 to November 20. An international panel of judges will determine the winners and honorees in each category through remote voting.

Summing up the results of the competition, along with the announcement of winners and honorees, aligns with the International Anti-Corruption Day, commemorated on December 9.

The competition is held by the Interstate Council on Combating Corruption, with organizational support from the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.

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