5 July 2023

Economics and Management: Challenges, Problems, Prospects International Research-to-Practice Conference

As part of the International Research-to-Practice Conference "Economics and Management: Challenges, Problems, Prospects," a plenary session and a round table "Anti-Corruption Activities of Financial and Economic Authorities" were held at the Moscow Finance and Law Academy in Moscow.

During the plenary session, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, the First Deputy Director General of ITMCFM and Director of INI, extended his warm greetings to the participants.

In his address, Mr. Nikolay Bogonostsev, an expert from ITMCFM, underscored the significance of integrating education in the field of financial security as a means to mitigate the risk of corruption offenses:

"The framework for combating corruption includes a range of initiatives aimed at shaping an intolerant attitude towards corruption, enhancing legal awareness, and fostering financial and legal literacy among schoolchildren and students.

It is reasonable to integrate such events into the educational framework of financial security, developed under the organizational and coordinating support of ITMCFM, encompassing the International Network AML/CFT Institute and the International Financial Security Olympiad.

For the forthcoming generation and future professionals, the foundation of their perspectives and vocational ethics should be rejection of corruption and commitment to its eradication. Consider, for instance, future investigators and financial intelligence personnel, for whom the fight against corruption shall be an integral part of their professional journey."

The conference was jointly organized by the Moscow Finance and Law Academy in collaboration with the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, ITMCFM, and INI.

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