14 October 2023

Sodruzhestvo May Become the Largest Financial Security Education Platform in Russia and the CIS by 2025

Alexey Nazarov, Vice President, Director of Non-Banking Services Development, Promsvyazbank told about the functions and prospective growth of the Sodruzhestvo international social and educational platform.

ITMCFM: Mr. Nazarov, the Sodruzhestvo international research and educational platform is primarily designed to develop and support the financial security Olympiad movement for young people. What does the platform offer to students seeking professional development in this field?

Mr. Nazarov: The platform serves as the digital backbone of the Olympiad movement developed in collaboration with our partners [International Training and Methodology Center for Financial Monitoring (ITMCFM), Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, and Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia] under the instruction of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service. It comprises several essential components that empower students to study, learn, engage in the Olympiad, and subsequently monitor their progress.

The first component is Knowledge Database, featuring over 200 expert materials providing insights into financial security and its various aspects.

The second component encompasses training courses. Online training has gained significant popularity, with over 20 courses available on the platform. Currently, more than 350 out of 500 contestants (finalists of the III International Financial Security Olympiad) have enrolled in online courses covering financial security topics. After completing these courses on the platform, they can take tests and receive course completion certificates.

The third component focuses on technical aspects, providing information on Olympiad organization. Users can access their schedules, register for additional sessions and events. Additionally, they can sign up not only for events during the final week of the Olympiad but also for events within the broader Olympiad movement.

Finally, the fourth crucial component is communication and socialization. It facilitates interactions between students, allowing them to ask questions to experts and peers, gaining a better understanding of the learning environment and their future professional development.

ITMCFM: It is no secret that education today is shifting toward remote formats. What differentiates the Sodruzhestvo platform from other similar products?

Mr. Nazarov: The Sodruzhestvo platform is dedicated to the financial security, offering comprehensive coverage of this subject, including financial awareness, economics, and IT. It stands out by concentrating on three key areas: education, socialization, and professional development. We anticipate that by 2025, the platform’s user base will reach four million, attracting young individuals to the Financial Security Olympiad movement and providing them with in-depth knowledge in this field.

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