30 October 2023

Financial Security as Compulsory Subject in Schools and Universities

The inclusion of financial security as a mandatory subject and related master classes in schools and universities received approval from participants at the Sirius 2023 International Financial Security Forum in October during the final stage of the III International Financial Security Olympiad.

The Forum brought together more than 950 representatives from the international business community and participants of the Olympiad from 22 countries. Attendees emphasized the importance of engaging with young individuals, particularly in the preparation of future specialists in the anti-money laundering systems.

Notably, half of the Forum’s members supported introducing a compulsory curriculum on financial security. Furthermore, an overwhelming 88 % of Forum participants acknowledged their awareness of the growing risks associated with financial security breaches, stemming from the volatile global landscape, cybercrime, and criminal activities in the digital financial ecosystem.

In addition, both the expert community and talented young individuals (84 % of respondents) share the belief that financial security international cooperation is a crucial element in safeguarding financial security.

Through collaborative efforts between the expert and professional community, we can bolster collective financial security at both national and supranational levels.

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