4 June 2023

38th EAG Plenary Week. WGTA

The Plenary week was opened on June 4 in Almaty by the Working Group on Technical Assistance (WGTA). The events were dedicated to the following issues:

  • launch of a Unified Information System for TA Coordination on the EAG website;
  • reports on the TA coordination for EAG member states;
  • interim outcomes of the project on methodological recommendations for risk assessment and risk-based NPO monitoring;
  • EAG Draft Strategy for 2024-2028 concerning TA coordination

ITMCFM representatives took part in discussions, presented reports and submitted the following proposals:

  • merging of EAG IT projects into a separate one (jointly with EAG);
  • implementation of priority TA projects carried out by the Center for Eurasian States;
  • project group on developing the concept of International Association of Training and Methodology Centers.
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