11 October 2022

Olympiad Final Stage, Day 2: Solving the Tasks of the Olympiad Final Stage and “Sirius-2022” International Financial Security Forum

October 11, 2022 - the day of solving the tasks of the Olympiad final stage of the II International Financial Security Olympiad.

Director of Rosfinmonitoring Yu. Chikhanchin addressed the finalists with parting words: “All of you will compete for prizes. Success is the result of hard work. Luck is random, you can get lucky or you can miss your chance, but success is your result, you moved towards it and you will succeed!”

While the participants were busy solving the final tasks, the “Sirius-2022” International Financial Security Forum took place on the margins of the Olympiad in a hybrid format.

The Forum, aimed at highlighting the issues of ensuring the financial security of the population and the state as a whole, as well as of the development prospects in this area, attracted the attention of a wide range of experts. It brought together 500 finalists of the International Financial Security Olympiad, more than 200 AML/CFT experts in the international anti-money laundering sector and representatives of the international business community from 25 countries.

In their speeches, the Forum speakers outlined the importance for each country of involving more pupils and students in the field of financial security, expressed confidence in the importance of the Olympiad movement on financial security as a source of personnel capacity for national anti-money laundering systems, as well as in the need for further work to develop a unified educational space in the field of AML/CFT.

Following the results of the “Sirius-2022” International Financial Security Forum, the participants signed an appeal to the relevant committees of the UN Security Council and the FATF with a request to support the international Olympiad movement on financial security.

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