19 April 2023

IV All-Russian Economic Security Forum in Tyumen

The IV All-Russian Economic Security Forum in Tyumen, organized by the Tyumen State University - INI member, began on April 17, 2023.

Opening the Forum, Olga Kuzmenko, Deputy Director of the Institute of Finance and Economics (TSU), noted that the Forum has become a major platform for discussion of economic security issues among representatives of Russia and neighboring countries.

In her welcome speech, Irina Shilina, Deputy Director General of the ITMCFM, also highlighted the importance of the Forum in discussing financial and economic security issues. She also outlined the launch of the "Vse v kurse" (Everyone’s Aware) competition to create content for the digital platform "Sodruzhestvo". The competition is available to higher education teachers and financial security professionals, as well as students, postgraduates and pupils.

During the Forum, which will last 4 days, the ITMCFM representatives will take part in a round table discussion "Promotion of the Profession and Personnel Training in Financial Security".

The Forum will include panel discussions, round tables, communication sessions as well as masterclass on financial security for pupils.

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