The “Sirius” International Financial Security Forum


The «Sirius-2023» International Financial Security Forum

«Financial security in the context of global transformation»

Date: October 5, 2023

Venue: Federal Territory "Sirius" (Russian Federation)

Participation format: hybrid (face-to-face and remote)



In 2022,  the “Sirius-2022” International Financial Security Forum took place on the margins of the II International Financial Security Olympiad. The issues of ensuring the financial security of the population and the state as a whole, as well as the prospects for the development of this area, which were discussed by the speakers of the forum, united 500 finalists of the International Financial Security Olympiad, more than 200 AML/CFT experts in the international anti-money laundering sector and representatives of the international business community from 25 countries.

The experts discussed the problems and prospects for the development of various areas of work to improve the level of financial literacy of the population. At the meeting, the forum participants signed an appeal to the relevant UN AML/CFT and FATF committees with a request to support the International Olympiad Movement in order to increase the level of financial literacy and security among the youth of other countries. The main purpose of this declaration is the expansion of the participating countries and the development of a unified educational space in the field of AML/CFT.

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