Professional standard for AML/CFT personnel

Ministry of Labour and Social Security Order No. 512n dated July 24, 2015 approved the professional standard for AML/CFT personnel developed by ITMCFM.

The professional standard for AML/CFT personnel is a multifunctional regulatory document that defines the job functions of reporting entities' employees responsible for internal AML/CFT monitoring. The occupational standard describes all stages of this occupation's life cycle, sets clear requirements for the competences of AML/CFT personnel, serves as a reference point for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that guarantee demand in the modern labour market, reflecting not only current but also future needs related to this professional activity, and meets the challenges of the future.

Employers will rely on this occupational standard to boost work efficiency and develop effective HR management policies. It is designed to be used by recruitment agencies to match the applicant's qualifications against the employer's requirements for a specific job position, as well as to prepare job descriptions and perform other tasks.

The professional standard will be used in the vocational training of national AML/CFT personnel, including in the development of subject-specific training programs for use by the universities participating in the network AML/CFT Institute.

Occupational standards, along with an exam-based qualification verification mechanism, must be an integral part of the system of professional qualifications that is being created in Russia. To this end, independent certification centres tasked with verifying the level of an individual's skills and their conformity with the requirements applicable to the professional standard are currently being set up across the country. Such an assessment is intended to be used as proof of a job applicant's professionalism.

We would like to thank the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, the Bank of Russia, the Research Institute of Labour and Social Insurance of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the regional public organization "The Centre for the Study of Vocational Education Problems", members of the Advisory Board of the Inter-Agency Committee, participants in the network AML/CFT Institute and ITMCFM's partner organizations involved the training of private sector representatives, who took an active part in professional and public discussions and preparation of comments and suggestions in the course of the development of the Occupational Standard.

Профессиональный стандарт