List of completed research projects

Below is the list of research projects and analytical studies completed by ITMCFM.

Ser. No. Topic of research project (RP) / analytical study (AS) Type of work (RP / AS) Year of completion
1. Development of a training package on "Organizations' Role in Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism". RP 2010
2. Development of a training package and teaching aid for the upskilling program "AML/CFT-Focused Financial Investigations and Typology Research". RP 2011
3. The methodology for the automated assessment (classification) of information objects for the purpose of their analysis and identification of possible links to money laundering, terrorist financing and predicate offences. RP 2011
4. The practice of exercising control over transactions carried out by politically exposed persons in the context of the revised FATF standards (Recommendation 6): the view of the Russian banking community. RP 2011
5. Development of a methodology for exercising control over PEPs. RP 2011
6. Development of the AML/CFT occupational standard for financial intelligence analysts. RP 2011
7. The procedure for conducting financial investigations into corruption-related money laundering. RP 2011
8. Development of a methodological framework for conducting an anti-corruption evaluation of EAG AML/CFT laws. RP 2011
9. Investigation of ML/TF risks linked to online transactions with e-currencies. RP 2011
10. The study of migration flows in Eurasia in terms of ML/TF risks assessment. RP 2012
11. Development of a procedure for the recruitment, skills assessment and professional development of FIU staff. RP 2012
12. Development of a procedure for the application of a risk-based approach to AML/CFT supervision of credit institutions. RP 2012
13. The key development areas of the national AML/CFT system. RP 2012
14. Criminal liability of legal entities: analysis of legislation and law enforcement practice. RP 2012
15. Comprehensive analysis of the activities of non-profit organizations for the purpose of identifying TF risks. RP 2013
16. Information and reference system of court rulings in criminal cases related to AML/CFT. RP 2013
17. Prospects for the application of asset freezing, seizure and confiscation mechanisms to combat terrorist financing. RP 2013
18. Prospects for the application of asset freezing, seizure, confiscation and management mechanisms. RP 2013
19. Preparation of a program for the development of the system of AML/CFT graduate and postgraduate vocation education. RP 2013
20. Transparency of legal entities and arrangements: ways to mitigate AML/CFT risks. RP 2013
21. Tax crimes as money laundering predicate offences: the approaches to the implementation of international standards. RP 2014
22. Preparation of the concept for the development of the CIS Council of Heads of Financial Intelligence Units. RP 2014
23. Improving the Russian system for combating the illegal cross-border movement of cash and negotiable bearer instruments for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes ("cash couriers") in the format of the Customs Union. RP 2014
24. Issues of classification and criminal liability for the laundering of monetary proceeds and other assets acquired by criminal means. RP 2015
25. The strategy for developing national systems for combating illicit financial transactions in the light of decisions taken at the Lough Erne Summit: G7 experience and Russian perspectives. RP 2015
26. The role of financial monitoring in the search for and repatriation of criminal assets: a review of foreign experience and the possibility of its application into the Eurasian law enforcement practice. RP 2015
27. Conceptual approaches to the development of a system of state monitoring of compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, with account for the EU and Eurasia experience. RP 2015
28. Integration of AML/CFT training programs, majors and areas of specialization in the AML/CFT Institutes' educational process. RP 2016
29. Money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment: degree of perception and practical application. AS 2016
30. Tools for improving the effectiveness of national AML/CFT systems: foreign countries' experiences in undergoing FATF and FSRBs evaluations. AS 2016
31. Horizontal analysis of foreign AML/CFT systems and a comparative assessment of the Russian Federation's compliance with international AML/CFT standards. AS 2016
32. Preparation of a scientific and practical commentary for Federal Law No. 115-FZ of August 7, 2001 "On combating money laundering and terrorist financing". RP 2016
33. Preparation of a compilation of laws and regulations of the international and national AML/CFT systems. RP 2016
34. Development of a procedure for assessing compliance of automated systems with information security requirements. RP 2016