April 22, 2015. Meeting of Network AML/CFT Institute Council

Published At Apr 21, 2015

A meeting of the network AML/CFT Institute Council was held at Rosfinmonitoring on April 22, 2015.

The meeting, chaired by Rosfinmonitoring Director Yury Chikhanchin, was attended by V. Glotov, Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring; A. Klimov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science; L. Efimova, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation; I. Voloshina, Director for the Development of the System of Professional Standards at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security's  Scientific Research Institute of Labour and Social Insurance; as well as Directors of Rosfinmonitoring's regional branches and heads and representatives of educational and scientific institutions participating in the network AML/CFT Institute.

A. Klimov: "... The network-based teaching process allows the development of new learning formats and approaches, as well as enabling us to leverage the potential of all participants in the network AML/CFT Institute. I believe the network AML/CFT Institute is currently the leader in inter-university cooperation. Despite the presence of certain regulatory gaps, we have a strong team of participants, a clear understanding of the goals we are pursuing and the challenges we must solve...."

L. Efremova: "This year has seen us join forces with Rosfinmonitoring to help to develop a screening process for foreign nationals, the work that has already brought its first fruits. In many countries where Rosfinmonitoring has its interests, ministries and departments express interest in  training of such specialists. A new law on education opens the door to network-based forms of cooperation, including in such new major areas as AML/CFT personnel training..."

The Council considered the issues related to the development of professional standard for AML/CFT personnel and defined priority areas of the network AML/CFT Institute's future development. Meanwhile, the universities participating in the network AML/CFT Institute shared experiences in establishing and strengthening basic AML/CFT units. Particular attention was paid to the training of personnel for national AML/CFT systems of Russia's partners.