May 29, 2014. Meeting on development of Professional standards and AML/CFT personnel training

Published At May 31, 2014

A meeting dedicated to the development of professional standards and personnel training for the national AML/CFT system was held on May 29, 2014. The meeting, chaired by the Director of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, Yury Chikhanchin, was attended by representatives of state agencies, leading ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, Federal Drug Control Service, Central Bank, Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, as well as the heads of Rosfinmonitoring's regional branches and 15 educational and scientific organizations participating in the network AML/CFT Institute.

Speaking to the participants, Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring V. Glotov stressed the importance and necessity of creating professional standards, given that "they form a link between AML/CFT personnel training and the requirements of state bodies and private businesses working in this sector". He also noted that the "work to build a successful talent pipeline should include consistent efforts aimed at raising qualification requirements for the personnel engaged in this sector and extending them not only to the basic knowledge in the field of economics, law or electronics, but also to the AML/CFT-related skills and competencies taught at specialized training and undergraduate courses". With that in mind, the task of developing professional standard for AML/CFT personnel takes on an added urgency.

The meeting participants agreed that the development of occupational standards should be seen as the first step, since the provisions contained therein will in the future find their way into educational standards and programmes, as well as forming the basis for various upskilling courses aimed at the existing employees. This way we will lay the foundation for the creation in Russia of a unique AML/CFT personnel training system. The successful implementation of these tasks necessitates close inter-agency cooperation and combined efforts of all AML/CFT system participants.

Importantly, the first steps in this direction have already been taken. One of them was the signing in December 2013 of an Agreement on the establishment of a network AML/CFT Institute.

After the discussion, the work was continued in the format of a meeting of the network AML/CFT Institute Council. Participants became actively involved in the discussion of the issues related to the implementation of the decisions taken at the meeting dedicated to the establishment of the network AML/CFT Institute on December 5, 2013 and concerning the directions of its activities.

As part of the Council meeting, participants took part in the discussion of the Institute's work plan and submitted their proposals. Meanwhile, educational and scientific institutions shared experience and talked about the existing and newly created AML/CFT personnel training and research units. Participants  reiterated their commitment to the further development of the network AML/CFT Institute, including the preparation and implementation of joint training programmes and experience sharing sessions.

The responsibility for facilitating cooperation between participants in the network AML/CFT Institute is assigned to the International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring (ITMCFM), which is also tasked with coordinating the Institute's work, supporting its activities and addressing day-to-day issues.

V. Ovchinnikov, General Director of ITMCFM, called on all meeting participants to join efforts and contribute to the effective and fruitful cooperation in the training of highly qualified personnel for the AML/CFT system.