16-20 September 2019. Training course for Iran and Iraq on the Implementation of International AML/CFT Standards

Published At Sep 23, 2019

A modular training course on the Implementation of International AML/CFT Standards for representatives of national AML/CFT systems of Iran and  Iraq, hosted by ITMCFM, took place from 16 to 20 September 2019 in Moscow, Russia. The purpose of the course was to train and upgrade the skills of AML/CFT personnel from Iran and Iraq, as well as to promote international cooperation and collaboration of the Russian Federation with partner states in the Middle East region.

As part of the course, representatives of FIUs from Iran, Iraq and Russia shared experiences and best practices in meeting 11 Immediate Outcomes and in preparing for and undergoing an independent risk assessment and mutual evaluations. Practical exercises by Rosfinmonitoring's leading experts took place in the form of cases (business games) on the topics “ML identification and investigation”, “Supervisors’ understanding and identification of ML/TF risks” and “TF identification and investigation”.

The course ended with a round table dedicated to the sharing of experiences in improving international AML/CFT cooperation. Rrepresentatives of the Iran and Iraq FIUs were awarded certificates for training completion.