Photo Exhibition "City and People"

Opening ceremony of the personal exhibition of the photographs taken by Igor Kliminov, Head of the Financial & Legal Service at ITMCFM, entitled "City and People", was held at Rosfinmonitoring on August 4, 2016. The exhibition consists of over 60 colour and black & white photos. Each of the artist's works has its own story, captured at a specific moment. They reflect the unique fate and life experiences of the main character – in the greyness of the years gone by, in the wrinkles of the tense forehead, and in the youth and fullness of feelings, partly from the empathy felt towards the protagonist and his fate. The city of Moscow, with its expressive landscapes and streets, occupies a special place in the artist's works.

Igor Kliminov, a retired colonel, was born on January 2, 1955 in Moscow. In the late 60s, he enrolled at and successfully graduated from the Torpedo football school, subsequently earning the title of Sports Master Candidate in football. After obtaining his second bachelor's degree, he spent many years working in the aerospace sector, the job was combined with teaching practice. Later in his life, he earned a PhD in technical sciences and the title of associate professor. From May 2010 to April 2014, he headed Rosfinmonitoring's Financial and Economics Office, until his promotion to the post of Head of the Financial & Legal Service at ITMCFM in April 2014.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by over 50 Rosfinmonitoring and ITMCFM employees, who helped to create a special atmosphere.

In his welcoming remarks to the participants, Rosfinmonitoring Director Yury Chikhanchin, said that Igor Kliminov's works reflect the excellent results of his creative efforts. In response, the artist thanked Yury Chikhanchin for the opportunity to hold a photo exhibition at the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and the ITMCFM staff for organizational assistance, noting that he would be happy if everyone found in those photographs something interesting for himself. Igor Kliminov wholeheartedly congratulated the Rosfinmonitoring management on the 15th anniversary and wished the Agency success in its efforts to be among the best and most effective FIUs.

At the ceremony, Igor Kliminov was awarded an honorary diploma for his contribution to the formation of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service.

At the end of the meeting, Igor Kliminov shared his memories with the participants:

"Throughout my life I pursued many hobbies, interests and occupations. In parallel, I developed an interest in photography. I got my first camera in 1971 – the Smena 8M, a robust, lightweight, low-maintenance film camera that was popular with Soviet photo enthusiasts, and whose appeal continues to endure even today. The shortage of time and energy, however, didn't allow me to enjoy this hobby to my heart's content. The opportunity only came in 2010, following my decision to hang up my football boots for good and pursue a different career.

Although modern photographers prefer to use digital cameras, film has not been completely forgotten. My love for people and life makes street photography (particularly street portraits) the central theme of my works. I love the opportunity to capture people with their emotions (a pensive look, a fervid laughter, angry faces) and in the midst of their actions. Moscow, with its streets, avenues, squares, festivals, markets, concerts and parades, is the city I derive most of my inspiration from.

I believe the ability to foresee and anticipate a moment, as well as to spot and capture the manifestation of human emotions, is key to any successful photographer.

I prefer black and white photography as it focuses on the interplay of light and shadows, allowing one to combine simplicity and strong emotional expressiveness, which is very important. Monochrome photos focus the viewer's attention on the most important and interesting elements, providing a unique perspective on the surrounding space. A black and white portrait allows the artist to more accurately convey the nature and essence of a person. Meanwhile, the black and white rendering of the city architecture, and occasionally even landscapes, helps to expose lines and forms, highlight the structure, convey rhythm and better reveal the essence of things.

In my work I follow the example set by the old-school artists such as Cartier-Bresson and Salgado. Of contemporary masters, I really like the works by the renowned Swiss black and while portrait photographer Michel Comte.

Each of us is valuable. Each has his own unique story. We don't think much about it. And we don't see much. I want to tell us about us... And to convey how precious our faces can be... That the story of life reflected in faces is interesting and unique...

I sincerely rejoice when I succeed in demonstrating it. My camera lenses capture different people, and I try to be kind and attentive to all of them. It's not about "photo-hunting", it's something different. This type of photography has its own philosophy, its own interaction with the main characters and the audience. Each of us was created by God... Each bears an image of his time. There is nothing more valuable than what the art of photography can give and tell us".


Visitors' opinions on "City and People"photo exhibition:

Ella Kalinina, consultant for the Director's Office, secretary of the Rosfinmonitoring’s Director:

"We bumped occasionally into each other at work, but no one even suspected that one day Igor Kliminov would reveal his work to us. The artist presented a block of black and white photographs at Rosfinmonitoring – but this is not the whole truth. They are so full of life, love, modesty and charm. An extraordinary exhibition that captivates us with its beauty and a variety of forms. Every visitor will find something dear and important for him in the artist's works. It's hard to distinguish any specific photo, since each one is amazing in its own way".

Irina Shilina, Head of Education & Science Department at ITMCFM:

"I've been following Igor Kliminov's artistic progress with great interest for a long time, always eager to see his latest creations. Each of his photographs evokes a different feeling – smile, sadness or admiration – conveyed through his artistic talent and love for people.The artist is a master of his craft and a connoisseur of human souls. Love in its broadest sense fills all of his portraits and landscapes, while his city photographs, permeated with his empathy, compel us to stop and behold the world in its beautiful diversity that we leave behind in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I can sum up my feelings about the exhibition in one word – kindness! I'd like to thank the artist for the kind feelings engendered by his photographs, and for his view of us that he so generously shared!"

Anastasia Trusheva, leading consultant of the Department of Methodical Support of Financial Investigations at Rosfinmonitoring's Coordination and Interaction Department:

"The photo exhibition of Igor Kliminov – 'City and People' – is best described by Peter Adams' quote: “Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field”. Each photo has its own unique story. The artist very accurately conveyed the emotional state of people, their mood and even character. A truly gorgeous photo exhibition that forces me to admire the artist's talent more and more. I wish him creative success in conquering new peaks and horizons in photography!"